Real Estate Retirement Story:

How Todd Cashed Out and Retired Debt-Free to Spend Time With His Family

Despite the cooling real estate market, Todd’s plan was to retire and sell his house so he could move closer to his grandchildren.

He no longer needed a place with three bedrooms, as he lived alone. Todd was determined to retire early after witnessing many of his stressed colleagues, and friends getting sick or even passing away unexpectedly.

He felt it wasn’t worth waiting a few more years. Todd worked hard on the weekends to prepare his house for the market.

He updated the floors and painted the entire house room by room with a fresh coat of bright white.

Todd was doing everything right, but no matter how hard he worked, he didn’t seem to be getting closer to finishing the project.

Meanwhile, the market continued to cool off. Fortunately, Todd and I met in the middle of this.

We got to work together to prioritize the tasks and brought in help to polish off the final touches and make the house sparkle.

When we hit the market and had an above-asking offer in our hands in three days. After much careful consideration and some back and forth, Todd accepted it. How could he not?

Todd realized significant gains despite the cooling market. His dream became his reality. He is now living mortgage free, close to his grandchildren, in a smaller house, with a nice cushion for his retirement.

We both wished we had met a few months earlier. Thank you, Todd, for your trust, and good luck for a happy and healthy retirement. 


Adam Ainsworth Realtor® | Keller Williams Referred URBAN Realty | 156 Duncan Mill Rd #1, Toronto | ON M3B 3N2 Canada